Homeschooling a 2 Year Old

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Looks like this…


I read Magic Tree House #3 Mummies in the Morning and its companion research guide Mummies and Pyramids while she looked at lots of pictures. The books with pictures were The Kingfisher Atlas of the Ancient World, a Reader’s Digest What Life Was Like, a coffee table book called The Pyramids and Sphinx, and a hardback I plan to use as a textbook when we do this again called Life in the Ancient World. I can’t wait to dive into that last one with her. It has activities and projects and all sorts of fun things.


Then we learned that P is for Pyramid. After several pictures, lots of blue lines, a few attempts to write some letters, she can at least say the word and identify the drawing – mostly – sometimes she says triangle or boat instead. I think she sees triangles and thinks of the sails on a crude drawing of a sailboat.

Anyway, that quickly turned into this:


And that’s what homeschooling a two year old looks like.

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When We’re Not Reading – It’s Texas, It’s Friday, What do you think?

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Growing up in Texas, one thing is supposed to be as gold as the Gospel, and that’s what’s happening on Friday Night at high schools all over the state.  I was surrounded by this my whole life, but managed to only attend one game, and pretty much missed the whole extravaganza.  I never participated in the Homecoming business, never went to a dance, got one of those mums the south is famous for from a friend, but was just never into it.  Several times I showed up for a game, sang the national anthem with the choir, and then high tailed it out of there.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to stay – I was just so damn busy.

I don’t want the kiddo to miss it.  Well, she can miss it if she wants, but I want her to at least have a chance to choose to not miss it.  But I also plan to home school.  So where does home school and good old fashion Texas High School Football have a chance to collide? In Andi-land, that’s where.  Also in many school districts where they allow home school students to try out for teams and be a part of the school’s organizations.

So… There’s a high school right down the road from our house, it’s Friday Night, my husband was out for the evening, and I found out there was a home game.  What do you think I decided to do?

General Admission Ticket: $7.00
Chili Cheese Nachos: $3.50
Watching Your 2 Yr. Old at Her First Football Game Ever: Priceless

(Actually, she stood in awe of the cheerleaders and then opted to color princesses while I tried to watch the game.)

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My *Sometimes* Weekly Low Down on Kids…

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An oldie but a goodie, kiddo picked up my old, ratty copy of Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman and asked me to read it to her this week.  She;s been carrying it around a lot, along with Wacky Wednesday. I think she really likes the long, thin shape of the beginner books, they seem more like grown up books.

Are You My Mother? is fabulous for its repetition of the names of the animals.  Two in October, she loves repeating nouns and discovering what things are called.  As the little bird searches for his mother (and kiddo, startled says “Mommy? Where’d she go?” as we turn each page), he comes across a hen, a cow, and other animals.  I’m very partial to the illustration of the dog featured on the front cover.


A great way to entertain a tactile child learning to count is to take a Tupperware container of dried beans and hand them a small bowl.  They’ll spend a solid thirty minutes sorting and resorting the beans from container to container, pouring, touching, and lining them up in rows.  If you have time to sit with them, its easy to go through their numbers and show them how to count the beans.  Its great fun, and easy to clean up any mess with a broom or a handy household dog.

Also, in our house, we love to dance.  I got a Ceremonial and War Dance cd from Half Price Books, and kiddo gets all tribal in my living room for about ten minutes at a time.  Its pretty awesome to watch and I’d like to think that I’m teaching my daughter to appreciate culture.

That’s it for this week.  Tune in next week and I may have some more Weekly Low Downs on Kids somethings to share.

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A New Children’s Book by Temara Moore

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Title: “Bloop Bloop!” Goes the Poop

Author: Temara Moore

Illustrations: Brian David Isham

We Dream Publishing –

Genre: Picture Book, Potty Training

I have to admit, prior to having a toddler of my own, the whole concept of potty training books was something I found ridiculous.  Now, as potty training becomes a reality and my own kiddo is showing more and more interest in the toilet (and she already loves books) its making a little more sense.

So my husband and I were pretty excited to sit down with our first training tool.  Temara Moore sent me a copy of “Bloop Bloop!” Goes the Poop and we immediately sat down to read it together to see if it would be something we’d like to share with Ayla after she woke up from her nap.  And we laughed so hard! In a good way.  Bloop Bloop is fun, but simple, and the rhymes are just down right amusing.  Its a great way to talk to your toddler about using the toilet.  Although its definitely geared toward boys, I think girls would be equally responsive.

We didn’t get very far when trying to read the book to Ayla the first time through.  She was so excited about the pictures and the cat that follows the little boy to the bathroom that she stole the book and spent about ten minutes flipping through the pages herself.  I don’t have the most patient kid when it comes to story time, but I love that she shows an interest in reading on her own.  She loves her books and at nearly 18 months has become a page turning pro.

The second time through was much more successful.  We made it all the way through the story with many “Ooohs” from Ayla and emphatic pointing to illustrations she had now familiarized herself with.  By the end of the book she was telling me “Bloop Bloop! Bloop Bloop!” I would not be surprised if she had some of the rhymes memorized a few months down the road when her annunciation improves.  Thank you, Temara, for our copy of the book.  It will be well loved.

Information regarding a book signing and reading from the author to follow at a later date.  Be sure to follow this blog for the details!

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