April 2013 Events

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In addition to Book Club (first Monday of the Month) and Poetry Night (first Thursday of the Month), this is what’s going on at Half Price Books Humble in April. Keep checking back, there may be more to come!
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Martin Epi Raffle

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What’s Happening in March?

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HortonHearsAWhoBookCoverRead Across America Day
Each year, young and old alike celebrate Read Across America Day on March 2 in conjunction with Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Join your fellow bookworms at Half Price Books for a special Dr. Seuss Story Time on Saturday, March 2, at 3 pm.  The Humble location will be reading Horton Hears a Who and crafting clover pinwheels.  Regular story time is every Wednesday at 10:30 am.

HPB Humble Book Club
Looking to expand your reading pleasure? Join the discussion at our HPB Humble Book Club. We meet the first Monday of each month from 7:30 to 9 pm.
March – Lords of Finance
April – On Chesil Beach

Poetry night

Journaling 2ndthurs

 March 9 Humble

StPattys 2013

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The Importance of a Book Signing

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Some people will tell you that book signings are old-fashioned, a thing slowly creeping into the world of publishing past.  As both a reader and an event coordinator, I have strongly say that it is not.

As an event coordinator, I’ll tell you that yes, they can be slow.  People don’t stop as often as they maybe used to.  If it’s an author they are unfamiliar with they have a tendency to be stand offish, uncaring, or nervous.  Fix this by offering candy or baked goods, or even a few free books, and you’ve sealed the deal.  Like a sales person, all you have to do is get them up to the table.  Your merchandise, a friendly face, and their sheer curiosity will do the rest.  As an event coordinator I will tell you that you shouldn’t worry if not very many people buy your book that day, that’s not entirely the point of a book signing.  The point of a book signing is to get your face, your name, your book titles and book covers lodged in their brain, constantly tickling the edges of their frontal lobes.  Every time they see your work, for years to come, they will say in their head: I met him/her, I should buy this.  In this day of e-books, many wont buy from you in a brick and mortar store, but will rush home and purchase a kindle edition.

As a reader with severe extrovert tendencies, I will tell you that it is incredibly exciting.  Meeting an author, whether you love everything they’ve ever done, or just barely opened the first page of a book, or have never heard of them – to me – is so very exciting.  I want to hear their voice and the way they talk, let their real voice intertwine a bit with the inner one I’ve imagined in my head.  I want to know a few factoids, a few mannerisms, put their work in a greater perspective.  Yesterday, when I met Karleen Koen for the first time, I just wanted to bask in her author-ness, in her bookishness.  Of course, I ended up chattering hopelessly because that’s what I do, but my oh my how awesome it was to hang out and listen.  It made me want to get home afterward as quickly as possible and finish reading the book that I had meant to finish before the signing.  It made me want to buy the other books she has written, and all I can think about this morning is that there is a signed copy of Now Face to Face in hardback sitting on the shelf at the store… and how it needs to be mine.

My goal is to bring more book signings to Half Price Books Humble and one day maybe be as event filled as Murder By the Book in Houston.  Book signings are not dead and they should never be dead.  If you are an author interested in setting up a book signing, email me at andiklemm@rocketmail.com.


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10 Year Anniversary Party!

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As of September 13th Half Price Books has been opened in the Humble area for 10 years! So on Saturday, September 15th, we’re having a party! Come join the fun… book signings, raffles, barbecue, live music in the evening, what more could you want?

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All Good Things Must Pass, but Awesome Things Keep Going

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This summer has been peppered with all sorts of amazing things at Half Price Books in Humble.  Temara Moore kicked off our summer with doing a reading and signing of Bloop! Bloop! Goes the Poop! M.G. King came and read and signed copies of The Librarian on the Roof! Fireman Ricky Meehan from the local fire department came to our kick off party – in gear! We had a photography raffle for brides, a martial arts raffle for sports fans and health gurus, and a southern fiction gift basket raffle when Melinda McGuire came to town for her book signing.  We were also graced with the presence of Delaney Rhodes and Rhonda Dennis.  Last, but certainly not least, Archie has been rocking the acoustic guitar every Friday night all summer.

But as our parents told us and their parents told them, all good things must pass.  With August 1st here, the hottest month of the year doesn’t urge on the spirit of summer, but does quite the opposite – it reminds us that Fall is just around the corner.  Which means: there are only a few performances left from Archie, and all our summery events are bound to begin to morph into more cozy weather activities.

I love cozy weather activities.  Wearing sweaters and boots, hunkering down with a hot cup of joe… sigh.

Needless to say, I am stoked about Fall and the wonderful things we are planning.  Stay posted to see what awesome things of Fall will replace our good things from summer; I will keep my blog updated and you can always check out the store’s website.

P.S. If you are a Houston area musician looking for some troubadour experience, shoot me a message.

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Bookstores + Brownies = Best Things in Life

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July 28th couldn’t have come fast enough.  I twiddled my fingers and tapped my toes, checked my blog and my messages, repeatedly, in anticipation of meeting Melinda McGuire and Rhonda Dennis in person at Half Price Books.  I haven’t read Josephine: Red Dirt and Whiskey, or any of Rhonda’s Bayou titles, but I’ve enjoyed following Melinda’s blog and getting to know her through her posts and emails.

Melinda and Rhonda were both just the definition of southern friendliness.  Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and free packets of Cajun seasoning were available for the taking.  In addition to signing and selling copies of their books they held an exciting raffle for a gift basket of all their combined titles and other goodies.  The event was all smiles, pleasant conversation, and plenty of brightly colored checkered napkins!

Raffle Winner!

I find that the best things in life are browsing books, meeting people, and eating fabulous baked goods.  It doesn’t really get much better than that!  I think the kiddos would agree, as Ayla got to meet Melinda’s youngest who is the same age (but a head taller), and share sugar free cookies.  The girls pal’d around in the kids sections here and there as well as discussed the merits of alternative health in the stacks behind the book signing table.  Toddlers can be quite chatty around new friends.

It was a pleasure to have these two lovely ladies and their families at the store this weekend and I look forward to having them again.  Maybe next time you can join us.

Even if you missed the signing, show your support for these southern authors by purchasing copies of their books here and here.

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Weekly Low Down on Kids Books 3/13/12

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This week’s kids books have been greatly divided for me.  Into two categories: the Librarian on the Roof, and NOT the Librarian on the Roof.

Librarian on the Roof is a non-fiction picture book about RoseAleta and the public library she revamped by sitting on its roof for a week during wind, rain, and everything in between.  As a home school mom, this genre of picture book is both my favorite and the hardest to find.  Most non-fiction kids books are factoid books, dinosaurs, bugs, ancient people, counting, abcs, numbers, shapes, and so on.  And those books are great! We have a ton of them.  But finding a picture book that tells a story and then discovering that the story is true is even better.

M.G. King has taken a fascinating tale of courage and determination set right here in modern day Texas and turned it into something amazing.  It also helps that she is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet.  She is kind, friendly, loves talking to people about her book and anything else, and my favorite part – looks right into your eyes while she’s speaking with you.  It’s no wonder that a story about a librarian trying to get the funds to encourage kids to get back to her library would move her.

Librarian on the Roof is hands down a must have for your child.  I was lucky enough to get a signed copy for Ayla at the Deerbrook Mall Barnes & Noble the other day, where King had set up shop for the afternoon.  (Yes, I know, I work for Half Price Books, but the NEW books have to come from somewhere to make it to a USED store.  I even have a membership card there.  Yes, I know, I’m a hopeless addict, please forgive me.  I will make amends with anyone my book addiction has harmed… when I’m older.)

If you’re a book lover, lover of libraries, lover of heartwarming stories, but have no children, you should still go buy the book.  The first time I read it all the way through, kiddo was actually napping and I just couldn’t wait to pop the book open.  I didn’t full on cry, but there were definitely happy tears welling up in the back of my eye balls when RoseAleta finally got to come down off the roof.  The line about being able to buy chairs just the right size for the kiddos actually choked me up for a moment.  Books and people who love books make me absurdly happy.

Buy Librarian on the Roof

2010 was a awhile back and this article I’m about to share is old, but if my post about this book has piqued your interest just a little bit, I think this will seal the deal: https://www.tsl.state.tx.us/ld/librarydevelopments/?p=4337

Now, for the NOT the Librarian on the Roof books we read this week:

Shout! Shout It Out! – Denise Fleming

Probably great for boys, but Ayla just wasn’t interested in yelling with me.

Little Tad Grows Up – Giuliano Ferri

Loved! The art is amazing, and it goes through the lifecycle of a frog.  Pretty cool, and educational.

Hattie Hippo – Christine Loomis

This was easily Ayla’s pick of the week. Great for girls.  I’m not really into gender discrimination (my little girl’s nursery is baby blue, green, and orange), but Ayla loves twirling hippo ballerinas and could care less about the shouting toddlers and rodents, go figure.

Gobble, Gobble – Cathryn Falwell

Beautiful illustrations.  Its nice to read about turkeys that we aren’t planning to eat.

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