Your Child’s Favorite Next Book, Book Giveaway and Blog Hop

May 13, 2013 at 8:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Check out this blog hop and giveaway from one of my favorite young adult authors!

Sandra Smith, author


Okay, I’m going to admit something an author should probably never admit: As a child, I didn’t like to read. It’s not that I had problems decoding—I just would rather have been doing something else. Like playing ball outside, or watching TV. I was one of those people (cringe), who used to say, “I’ll watch it (the book) when the movie comes out.”

I could not understand kids with their noses buried in books … it was just so uninteresting to me. And therein lies the key: there were very few people introducing me to good books, books I would enjoy.

I went to a small country school for the first eight years of my education. We had no library, no librarian, no book talks or visiting authors—just the bookshelf under the window. My family didn’t visit the city library. While I remember the excitement of first learning to read…

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